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About Me

Ever since I can remember I’ve been a sucker for photography. My dad was a wedding photographer in the 70’s and no doubt this has had a pretty big influence on me. Even Dad’s style has rubbed off on me in some ways. Our family albums are filled with moments, not poses and captured in those scrumptious, warm, vintage tones.

As a commercial photographer, my job is to deliver businesses with individualised photo libraries that are not only beautiful to look at but also offer plenty of flexibility and can be used on multiple platforms. To be blunt, I want to give you options… and plenty of them!

Here’s a few things about me…

– I take my job very seriously but take the approach of not taking things too seriously… if that makes sense.

– Even though I wear skinny jeans, I’m not a hipster. I probably would be but I can’t grow a beard.

– I like all sorts of music, especially folk and Britney’s early work.

– I chipped my tooth playing mini golf.

– When I’m not taking photos I like to take my gorgeous wife Leah, my daughters Summer and Cherry and our fur child Rocco, down to the beach at Wellington Point for a swim… To me, that’s what life’s about.