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Bree and Brynn’s Wedding @ Mango Hill Farm

Mango Hill Photographer-61PIN

As soon as Bree and Brynn set their eyes on Mango Hill Farm in Peachester, near the Sunshine Coast QLD, they knew it was the perfect place to have a wedding party. It was the first venue they checked out and the last. As it happens, they chose well. The farm proved to be a dream like background for their fun and picturesque wedding.

Strangely, everything went to plan. Believe me, it doesn’t happen often. Not that it matters (I’ve yet to see a wedding ruined by late flowers or a heatwave or even cyclonic conditions). But the weather was gorgeous, the mood delightful, the laughter loud and the food glorious. The folk at Mango Hill really do a bang up job…

Point to note —>>> When we had our pre-wedding catch up, Bree and Brynn were keen to have a little more time for some pics after the ceremony (rather than less). We spent 1hr and 20min trolloping over the grounds having a blast (I’m serious, it’s actually fun). You can see from the images below that we got a fair bit of variety too. Which means Bree and Brynn can have a bunch of photos on their wall that all look pretty ace but different… So for those planning a wedding, I recommend giving yourself a little bit of leg room for the portraits. You’ll be more relaxed which in turn makes out for better photos.

Mango Hill Photographer-1PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 01PINMango Hill Photographer-2PINMango Hill Photographer-3PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-64PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-65PINMango Hill Photographer-4PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 03PINMango Hill Photographer-5PINMango Hill Photographer-6PINMango Hill Photographer-7PINMango Hill Photographer-8PINMango Hill Photographer-9PINMango Hill Photographer-10PINMango Hill Photographer-11PINMango Hill Photographer-12PINMango Hill Photographer-13PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 04PINMango Hill Photographer-14PINMango Hill Photographer-15PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 05PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-16PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-17PINMango Hill Photographer-18PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-19PINMango Hill Photographer-20PINMango Hill Photographer-21PINMango Hill Photographer-22PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 06PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 07PINMango Hill Photographer-23PINMango Hill Photographer-24PINMango Hill Photographer-25PINMango Hill Photographer-26PINMango Hill Photographer-27PINMango Hill Photographer-28PINMango Hill Photographer-29PINMango Hill Photographer-30PINMango Hill Photographer-31PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 08PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 09PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 10PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-68PINMango Hill Photographer-35PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 11PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-36PINMango Hill Photographer-37PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 12PINMango Hill Photographer-38PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-66PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-67PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 14PINMango Hill Photographer-39PINMango Hill Photographer-40PINMango Hill Photographer-41PINMango Hill Photographer-42PINMango Hill Photographer-43PINMango Hill Photographer-44PINMango Hill Photographer-45PINMango Hill Photographer-46PINMango Hill Photographer-47PINMango Hill Photographer-48PINMango Hill Photographer-49PINMango Hill Photographer-50PINMango Hill Photographer-51PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 15PINColin Hockey Mango Hill Farm Wedding Photographer-17PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-52PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 17PINMango Hill Photographer-53PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 18PINMango Hill Photographer-54PINMango Hill Photographer-55PINMango Hill Photographer-56PINMango Hill Photographer-57PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 19PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer-63PINMango Hill Photographer-59PINMango Hill Wedding Photographer temp 20PINMango Hill Photographer-60PINMango Hill Photographer-62PIN

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