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Totes Fairyland and Unicorns @ Springbrook

Caution: Please be aware that there is a unicorn in the last image. You must make a wish and count to five before he appears.

I often get asked by makeup artists whether I’d be happy to shoot for them. The honest answer is no. That’s not really what I do… Not because I don’t want to. I just don’t think my style would suit… but when Jasmine from Tiara Bridal Artistry approached me with a boho inspired shoot, I thought “yeah, why not?” and my mind didn’t give an answer back. So I said yes.

Now, scouting for a suitable place wasn’t easy. I had a picture in my head what I wanted. Unfortunately, nature wasn’t so obliging with gifting me that picture. However, as luck has it (and five hours driving) Leah, Summer and I drove past exactly what I was looking for… A magical farm with mountains in the back. Finding the property was relatively easy compared with tracking down the owner for permission. Turns out old blokes don’t leave too many clues online. So I had to hit up the neighbours and local stores to find his name, then his sons name, then what his son does, then his son’s number. Which I bloody well did.

Turns out they’ve had weddings here before. My suspicion is that they were for mythical creatures. Which is totes cool. I haven’t shot one yet but I’d like too.

Jasmine from Tiara Bridal Artistry was awesome to work with. Besides being super lovely, she had props galore and could scale barbed-wire fences… just. The beautiful Amber is the lovely model. Had she of had it her way, she would have posed for hours with the baby pigs running around (aka piglets) but they were just too fast. She settled for the unicorn instead.

My good friend Phil helped me out again and as always, scored some of the best shots. It’s always a pleasure having Phil 2nd shoot with me. Phil Evans Design.


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